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GAFF Media brings together data, tech, expertise and long-standing relationships within the digital media space to create a profitable publisher proposition that generates measurable ROI and a higher ROAS.

Our data driven approach allows publishers to improve their current monetisation, discover new revenue opportunities, and create more satisfied advertisers, whilst protecting the user experience.

Traffic Monetisation

Data-fuelled, Intelligent traffic monetisation that brings highly engaged audiences.

Fighting Fraud

We utilise tools created by industry leaders to combat fraud .

Audience Monetisation

A suite of scalable monetisation tools that guarantee incremental revenue per user.

Yield Management

Using our Video expertise to maximise yield.

Monetisation Partners

Our execution network includes a range of market leaders in search, display, social and data management, which enables us to acquire large numbers of potential customers with ease and gives us access to product feeds, advertisers, CPC insights and favourable revenue-shares.

Our close partner relationships means we offer a potent mix of products that incorporate high quality intent data, and a diverse ad set that includes display and search bar monetisation that can natively fit into any site.



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Proven Performance

GAFF Media’s suite of monetisation products have been born out of 15+ years and millions of dollars generated in the online media space.

Our experience spans the digital publishing and marketing technology arena; including working with the likes of FreeWheel , Verizon, Improve Digital and more across publishing businesses in retail and lifestyle in health & travel, plus market leading financial services brands.


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